Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This last time I went to my Local Yarn Store (LYS), I had a specific plan in mind. I usually do and I'm often foiled. They almost never have the yarn I'm looking for. Don't get me wrong, I love my LYS, it's fantastic, it has a huge selection packed into a nice space, but apparently I just find those yarns they don't carry. Usually, I'm able to find a good substitute since you can usually do that.

This last time, not so much. It turns out the tank top I was wanting to make (It's summer! I won't go into the fact that we skipped over spring and how that's a really awful indicator that climate change is... yeah I won't go into it. It's summer!), they definitely don't carry that yarn (surprise!), but the gauge measurements were wonky so they couldn't translate to what type of yarn I needed. And when we finally figured out ballpark, all they had was wool. Who wants to wear wool in summer? (Unless, I guess, you're in one of the poles.) So I was foiled. But I couldn't just leave, slumped shouldered and order the yarn online. Nope. I needed a project for the NEXT day. You see, I was travelling to Maine this past weekend and my scarf/shawl thing was just plain far too boring.

It's pretty, but I'm about a third of the way through and I tend to lose interest around then on most of my large projects. Also? It's just plain repetitive. Which is part of the problem in general on large projects for me. But it is pretty and I will finish it. But first, I needed a new project, for this weekend.

Since I couldn't do the tank top, I had to find something in the patterns they were offering. I flipped through a bunch of different options, one woman decided an afghan was the way to go. I'd like to do an afghan, but I'm currently unemployed, so I don't have the budget for an afghan. Anyways, I was flipping through various resources until I wandered over to the Afghan binder of patterns, flipped it open and, voila, I found the most magnificent pattern.

An Entrelac Pillow. Not an afghan. BUT a type of knitting I've never done before and have always admired. It's something I've been wanting to do for a while now. And this seemed like just the thing. A giant rectangle of entrelac, no other interfering shaping, just a square. I'm using Cascade 220, which again makes me a horrible vegan (vegans and wool supposedly don't mix. I may or may not eventually get there). I tried to choose somewhat sedate colors, ones that might fade into the background.

But I may be fated to fail in every project in this regard. See for yourself:

I don't normally choose greens. And I tried to choose not bright greens, but it appears that, alone, the greens may not seem all that bright, but when you put them together...