Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why I hike

I follow Husky Hiker on my blog reel or whatever it's called. Today, he posted a Why I hike as a response to the question/challenge put out by Tom Mangan at Two Wheel Drive (a blog I'll probably start following soon).

Since I've moved all my food related posting over to vegan appetite, I figured my next post should be about hiking.

So. Why I hike. I hike for the feeling it gives me when I'm moving. I hike for the views I get when I least expect them. I hike for the release of emotions I experience, both positive and negative. I hike to feel the burn of my legs. I hike because it feels natural to move my legs, cover a distance. I feel connected to history, I feel connected to the earth around me. I hike for the others hiking. I hike to see things I would never see in a suburban environment, like black bears and moose 10 feet away from me. I hike for the beauty. I like the burn of hiking up a mountain, rewarded by either cold rain or the best view you could ever ask for. For the surprise of practically running from Mizpah Springs Hut to Lake of the Clouds Hut. For the shock of walking up to McAfee's Knob. For the luck of having a warm, super clear day on top of Katahdin, for the views of Katahdin over a lake. For seeing the wackily named outhouse in the 100 mile wilderness, for the pizza at Partnership shelter in Virginia, for the lovely older section hiker with the amazing stories who is finishing the last 50 mile section he has left and going to Trail Days afterwards.

I hike for my sanity. I hike for me.

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