Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random Tuesday

Since it's been so long between updates and I have no big news to share, I thought I'd share random tidbits:
1. I made the PPK's blackbean quinoa chipotle raspberry dish, ate a little and proceeded to avoid it for ~two weeks. I opened it and it stank. Almost blew me away stank.
2. I have one arm strap and edging left to do on my vest that I've been working on for three months.
3. I made dinner last night with my first attempt at seitan from last friday. Specifically, this recipe. I also conveniently made the PPK's Mexican hot chocolate snickerdoodles. I'm not sure if I'll ever finish them, since there is literally a teaspoon of cayenne in there. And you don't taste any of it until about 20 seconds after biting into the cookie.
4. I found a new exercise plan for myself (I've been flailing around recently, trying not to gain weight but panicking and sending myself into eating binges) from bodyrock.tv. Uses only a very few pieces of equipment, and exercises can be modified with some thought if you don't have those pieces of equipment (except for the timer thingy. I bought one of those. It'll come this week). I'm hoping it gets me stronger in general, which will lead to a nice hiking/backpacking season! :-D
5. I may have a job that is part time. Very part time.
6. I still need more jobs.
7. I hate applying for jobs.

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